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Our family of innovative brands: B.ella, Alchester & Sons, Red Lion, nouvella, Wright Avenue, QT, E.G. Smith and Fox River are all recognized for quality and detailed design. Proudly crafted in the United States, our socks are more than accessories—they’re brands you live in.


Luxury Reimagined

Going beyond classic socks and legwear and adding unexpected edge and detail. A true style innovator, B.ella isn’t about what’s now. It’s forever about what’s next. Designed and crafted in the United States for luxury from head to heel.

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Alchester & Sons

Quality is Legendary

Luxury is in the details, and Alchester & Sons is tailored to fit. Embodying the spirit of the modern gentleman, our socks are expertly crafted in the United States. Our classic American style has timeless appeal for the discerning man.

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Red Lion

Play to Win

For more than 30 years, Red Lion has been first-to-market with innovative sport and lifestyle socks featuring trend-aware, pop culture motifs—all made in the U.S.A. Red Lion offers teams, community groups and businesses with a range of performance sport and compression socks designed to meet the demands of athletes at all levels.

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Fresh. Free. Fun.

Known for dynamic, sublimation prints in limited editions, nouvella reflects a vibrant trendsetting style. Expressive socks and tights in bold colors and patterns make every moment worthy of a selfie. In nouvella, you make the rules—and you're free to break them.

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Consciously Cool

Outfit the entire family in cheerful, eco-friendly socks. Chunky sweater knit socks crafted from recycled cotton make QT future friendly. Put on boho luxe style perfect for cozy campfires and everyday adventures. Your family's quality time starts with QT.

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Wright Avenue

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Seriously Fun

Crafted with originality in mind, Wright Avenue socks are quirky, limited-run collections made for trailblazers. Wildly authentic socks from Wright Avenue are as artisanal as your favorite craft beverage. Indulge accordingly.

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E.G. Smith

The Creator of the Original Boot Sock

Founded in 1982, E.G. Smith is the originator of the iconic, 90s-era boot sock. Rebellious, free spirited and vividly surreal designs give you the freedom of self-expression. E.G. Smith socks, socklings and tights are a dynamic mix of color, humor for basics with a nostalgic twist.

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Fox River

Proudly American-Made Since 1900

Ingenious designs—along with the Original Sock Monkey—define Fox River’s inventive approach to socks. Since 1900, the company has produced outdoor, sport and lifestyle performance socks in Osage, Iowa. Now a part of our family of brands, Fox River continues to engineer original designs to enhance fit, comfort and durability.