Partnering for Innovation: Our Partners

Small business should thrive, and because of that, we provide design, manufacturing and private label services to entrepreneurs and established brands aligned with our core values.

United By Blue

Committed to conservation and community

Born out of an intense mission to protect Earth's oceans and waterways, United By Blue is a thriving, mission-driven clothing and accessories company. For every product sold, the company removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways.

Brian Linton, who founded United By Blue in 2010, created a thriving artisan-inspired clothing and accessories brand devoted to world-changing impact. His personal mission aligns with the brand he created and extends beyond it.

A commitment to community and to products made in the U.S.A. led Brian to partner with Standard Merchandising Co. to manufacture products for the brand, including the Ultimate American Sock knit from a bison yarn blend. The teams experimented with bison yarn to craft a sock rugged enough to last with plenty of softness, warmth and comfort. The Ultimate American Sock is one of United By Blue's best-sellers.

"Standard is our neighbor. They are part of our greater community. As a brand, we are driven by the idea and ideals of what a community can accomplish," says Brian. "Whether that be around picking up trash from a local waterway or working together in business to better our economies and provide income to members of the community, connecting with locals makes Standard Merchandising Co. feel less like a business deal and more like a partner."

The future holds plenty of expansion for United By Blue and for Brian, whose personal mission aligns with the brand he created.

"My personal mission goes beyond that of United By Blue's desire to protect our world's oceans and waterways to include all natural and outdoor spaces," says Brian. "My life will be dedicated to the conservation and enjoyment of the great outdoors."


Private Label Services

Private label service from Standard Merchandising Co. offers established brands the best quality in socks, hosiery and accessories.

Since 1993, we’ve developed an expertise in crafting socks and legwear from exceptional raw materials such as cashmere, angora, alpaca, merino wool, silk and mousse yarns. In addition to our family of brands, we’ve produced products for designer labels including Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, Nordstrom and many more prominent names in American fashion.

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