Setting the Standard: How We Craft Socks


Imagination Meets Research

Our business and creative executives combine their knowledge to outline concepts for sock designs based on popular styles, the newest yarns and artistic references.

Inspirational swatches of lace


Sourcing Fine Materials

Knitting a pair of our socks begins with the highest quality yarns. We source Italy's finest cashmere, merino wools and mousse yarns. Each sock style is knit using yarns to enhance its unique design.

spools of thread


Knitting it Together

Raw materials and design sketches come to life when paired with the genius of our manufacturing teams, who import designs into a 360° image map for our skilled craftspeople to begin knitting. The wet and dry process makes our socks luxuriously soft while maintaining durability, form and sizing.

sock journey process


Finishing Details

Each collection of socks are inspected for quality and craftsmanship. They're then paired and packaged with recyclable labels. Socks are packed and ready to ship to stores.

beautiful socks


Your Socks, Your Style

Socks are more than functional. They're the foundation of what you wear, and set the pace for how you move. Standard Merchandising Co. socks take you everywhere you want to go, from on the field to fashion-forward occasions.

legs wearing black and white socks

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